Choosing the best dentist may seem overwhelming when there is such a long  list of providers in Toronto, but the truth is, finding a great dentist is fairly simple when  you know your oral care needs and perform a bit of research before scheduling an appointment.

The right dentist for your oral health needs may be totally opposite of the best dentist for your neighbor, coworker, or family and friends. While it is important that you ask for recommendations from people that you know and check out customer reviews posted online, when the day is done, what matters most is that you are satisfied with the selected dentist.


Some of the most important considerations to keep in mind when choosing a great Toronto dentist:


Dentist Type


Everyone in the family six months of age and older needs dental care. It is recommended that everyone visit the dentist at least twice per year for a tooth cleaning and general care of your teeth, mouth, and gums. Regular visits to the dentist reduce problems with your oral health since it catches issues before they become a major concern.

You can visit a general dentist for this care. The general dentist may or may not care for children’s teeth, however, the family dentist is available and provides care for everyone in the family. If you prefer the speciality care of a pediatric dentist to care for your child’s oral health, this option is also available. Any of the dentists can recommend a specialist if further care is necessary to maintain the best health of the mouth and teeth.


Ask Questions


Conduct mini-interviews of the dentists who make the final cut. Spending a few minutes in the office, talking to the dentist and his staff, ad otherwise observing the surroundings can help you better decide if the facility is one suitable to provide dental care for your needs. Prepare a list of questions to ask the dental provider before your initial interview consultation.

When you ask the dentist/staff these questions and get the answers that you need, it’s much easier to choose a dentist who appeases your every need.




Experience is one of the most important qualities the dentist needs. If he isn’t capable of providing amazing dental care, why bother scheduling an appointment and taking such risks when a beautiful smile is on the line?

Most dentists provide information about their experience on their website. Check out the ‘About Us’ section to discover those important details that give you comfort when your oral health is on the line. Always choose a dentist who is capable of providing great care, who has a proven track record to substantiate that fact.


Does the Dentist Make You Feel Comfortable?


The right dentist for your oral care needs really boils down to his level of expertise and the level of comfort you feel with the dentist. When you arrive at the dentist office, a feeling of comfort should come over you.

You should feel at ease and like you are in good hands with this dentist.  Asking questions and discussing your oral health needs and concerns should always be easy. Not every dentist is compatible with your expectations and that’s okay so long as you are not settling for the first dentist that comes along.


More Important Factors to Consider


Location is important when selecting a dentist in Toronto. Choose a provider located near your home, work, or the children’s school to maintain convenience in your life. Toronto is a large city with more than three million people.

You certainly can’t waste time driving to opposite ends of the city when many exceptional dentists are located in or near your neighborhood.   Along with the office location, keep in mind:


  • Office hours
  • Staff professionalism/friendliness
  • Clean, up-to-date, modern office and equipment
  • Is the dentist and staff attentive to your needs?
  • Does the dentist offer emergency/after hours care?


Final Thoughts


Good dental care provides a lifetime of great smiles and it all starts with the right dentist. Although dentists usually all provide the same or similar services,  the quality of the care significantly varies from one provider to another.

Never assume that all dentists provide the quality care that you want and need. Instead, use the information here to help find the best dentist for your oral health needs. When you need a dentist who will go the extra mile to make you smile,  don’t settle for less than what you deserve!