ORA Partners with the IPRA- Updated News!

Dear members
Since we have received a lot of feedback from our last announcement we wanted to take a few moments to clarify a few things that may have been misinterpreted.
Due to many changes within the rodeo community on both sides of the border; insurance within an association for it's members has become a mandatory item. Since the ORA is a very small and non-profit association, the purchase of insurance was outside of our means. Thankfully we were approached and given the opportunity to partner with the IPRA. This partnership will allow us to continue and offer Ontario competitors the chance to grow with our sport.We are still finalizing many details in regards to our partnership with the IPRA and will continue to update you as those details emerge. We are currently working on the 2017 OFR- yes that's right! We are still having an Ontario Finals and we will still be asking the Ontario members to vote at the end of the year for our most prestigious awards!
Our goal with this partnership is not only to grow rodeo but to keep our Ontario heritage/identity alive! We are working closely with the IPRA here in Ontario and we have no doubts that this will be a great season with an amazing finals at the end of fall
As the first rodeo of the season approaches with entries on Monday June 12th, we wanted to ensure that you knew what steps you need to take to have your ORA membership switched over to the required IPRA Canada membership.
Enter the rodeo as you normally would via phone, text or email. Let the secretary know that you are a current ORA member.
 On the day of the rodeo, go to the entry office and let the secretary know you are there to pay your entry fees and that you need to fill out the IPRA Canada membership in exchange for your ORA membership. You will not need to pay anything extra to have this membership switched. For those who are wishing to purchase an IPRA World Card rather than Canada card (World card will allow you to compete towards the 2017 IFR) you will be required to pay the difference.  With your new IPRA card you will begin receiving the Rodeo News magazine, standings and results will be posted on the IPRA website and you will begin accumulating points (your winnings) in the standings for the IPRA Canadian Finals 2017 held in Quebec next spring. If you have already purchased an IPRA membership and an ORA membership please contact the ORA secretary at secretary@ora.com. For those of you that have not yet purchased a membership for this season, you will need to purchase an IPRA membership of your choice at full cost (please note that the World Card is in USD). Both IPRA memberships can be found on our website!
The ORA will continue to update our own standings for the OFR (Ontario region members only)  on the www.orarodeo.com website, and will continue with our social media; Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.We are looking forward to a great season and would like to wish all of our members and fellow competitors good luck and safe travels on rodeo road!
If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact a member of your 2017 executive board;
President- Jason Thomson
Vice President- Tanya McNicol
Rough Stock Director- Phil Hennings
Time Event Director- Colt Cahill
Contract Director- Ed DeWetering
Secretary/Treasurer- Shelby and Joanne McEachern
ORA Board of Directors